A brightly-colored bay, bordered by high cliffs. Scattered about it are multiple giant, stone-looking constructions in different shapes and sizes.

One that is triangle-shaped has a door on it. The door opens and a bulky pink robot with a bird-like head steps out. She makes a cawing sound, then turns a moment later when she hears a warbling to her side. It is coming from another robot. This one is small and dog-like, with three legs in a tripod configuration and green and purple colors.

The pink robot reaches down to pat the head of the green robot. The green robot warbles appreciatively.

Montage of the two going around to different parts of the bay and completing tasks. They wade out to a manhole-like structure in the water and open it up to look inside. Deep within, a meter is hovering at a certain mark.

Next they walk up to a giant disk on a triangular base. The pink robot opens a panel in the base and turns a dial on it to match the meter from earlier. The disk rotates slightly in response, and the console spits out a cartridge.

The cartridge gets plugged into a different console at another landmark - this one is a great satellite dish. It sends out a signal in response to reading the cartridge.

Later, the pink robot is resting against a giant, metallic fence that looks old and warped. She looks up at the sound of the green robot.

The green robot indicates up at the cliff side. There, a giant lady bug appears. the green robot clicks angrily as the pink robot watches with confusion. The lady bug flies over the bay and into the ocean nearby. The green robot runs up to the shore in pursuit, still clicking.

The lady bug emerges from the water, startling the green robot and causing it to flee and hide behind the legs of the pink robot. After a moment, the lady bug takes off and flies away, leaving behind a squarish object it retrieved from the ocean floor.

The pink robot picks up this object and considers it. She decides to set it on the head of the green robot. which seems confused about this, like most dogs would be if you put an object on their head.


Created by emily. Ava (the pink robot) sounds by Megan. Mindy (the green robot) sounds by emily.