Water Pressure transcript

Act 1

Scene 1

Establishing shot of Ga-Koro. Ga-Koro is a village made of seaweed floating on lily pads near the sandy shore in a sparkling blue ocean. It consists of several dome-like buildings.

Closer on the harbor lily pad. Here, a Matoran is scrubbing down the side of a boat. She steps back and admires her work.

Voice from off screen, angry: Kotu!

The Matoran narrows her eyes, knowing what is coming next.

Voice: Get back here!

Two blurs whiz past the Matoran, knocking her off her feet. She sits up and glowers after the blurs.

Shipyard Matoran: You hooligans stay out of my shipyard!

The blurs rush through town, knocking several more Matoran out of the way. Finally, they reach the gate to the village, on the sandy beach. One blur speeds past, and the other lands in frame, revealing it to be a Matoran with seaweed stuck on her mask, giving her a beard and giant eyebrows.

Seaweed Matoran: Come back and fight me, coward! Atone for your seaweed crimes!

We see who the first blur is now. This is the prankster Matoran that has committed the seaweed crime. She looks back at her victim blankly for a moment, then throws her hands up, as if in preparation for combat.

There is a beat as the seaweed Matoran doesn't react, but then she throws her hands up too. The two slowly approach each other, before the prankster pauses.

Prankster Matoran: Wait, wait.

A long pause.

Prankster Matoran: Hahaha, you look so ridiculous! The eyebrows! Ahahaha!

She falls over laughing, while the seaweed Matoran looks at her, irritated.

Seaweed Matoran: Your reign of laughter ends here, Kotu.

She peels some of the seaweed from her mask and jumps forward to put it on Kotu, the prankster's, face. But Kotu holds up a hand preventing her, looking offscreen.

Kotu: Hold up, Macku. Look.

Macku, the seaweed Matoran, looks. Across the beach is a taller figure sitting on the shore and staring at them. When she realizes she has been detected, she looks away quickly.

Macku: This is bad.

Kotu: It's just Gali.

Macku: Yes, Gali! The spirit of Water and peace! And what were we just doing?

Kotu shrugs.

Macku: Being not peaceful!

She brushes some sand up in Kotu's face in frustration.

Kotu: Well let's go apologize, then.

Macku begins walking over to apologize.

Kotu: Hey, Macku! You've got a little something on your mask!

Macku doesn't respond, instead throwing the seaweed into Kotu's face playfully.

Scene 2

Gali is sitting on the beach, staring wistfully up at a giant carving of her face in a waterfall. She is startled by a voice off screen.

Macku: Pardon us, Gali. Toa Gali?

Gali: Oh!

She turns to see the two Matoran standing behind her.

Kotu: Hello!

Gali: I'm so sorry. Did I interrupt you?

Macku: Oh! Not at all. Actually, we were worried we had interrupted you.

She scratches her head apologetically.

Kotu: Well, Macku was at least.

Macku elbows Kotu, and Kotu elbows her back. Gali smiles.

Kotu: So what's going on, Gali?

Macku jumps anxiously on Kotu, tugging her backward.

Macku: oh my gosh what are you doing she's probably very busy please leave her alone!

Gali: Oh, it's no bother. Really!

Macku: Oh.

She hugs Kotu and steps back.

Macku: Sorry. It's just... you're... Gali!

She gestures up at the carving in the falls. Gali's face falls.


The Matoran look at eachother, concerned for Gali.

Kotu: You okay?

Gali: It's a lot to take in. All of it. I have been here for a while now, but I still don't feel like I understand it all.

Kotu: What you need is a tour! Have someone who knows the place show you around. And I know just the two Matoran for the job.

Gali: Two Matoran? Don't you mean... Ma two ran?

She freezes in a funny expression, waiting for a reaction to her joke. Mack and Kotu stare at her. Finally Macku shuts her eyes while Kotu explodes in laughter, falling to the ground.

Macku: I think you two will get along well.

Scene 3

A card reading 'Tour Friends,' with happy chibi art of the three. Now we are in the village. Macku hops into view, arms gesturing around her.

Macku: This... is Ga-Koro! But, uh. You already knew that.

Gali: Reminders are good!

Kotu: And over here is your shrine. You know. Where your Great Masks go when you find them.

The shrine is a dome-like structure with cutouts around the sides for all six masks to sit in. Kotu takes off her mask and waves it by the shrine in vague demonstration.

Gali: Right. The Masks I need to save everyone.

Kotu: Them's the ones! Shall we continue?

Gali: Lead the way.

Kotu pulls Gali over to the harbor. They look at it from across a bridge, while Macku stands in the harbor itself.

Macku: This is Marka's shipyard! We, uh, usually aren't allowed in here! Ever since someone dumped all the fish back into the bay.

She glares at Kotu.

Kotu: They wanted to be free.

Gali: Nothing fishy about that!

Kotu, smiling: Oh, you!

Macku: That's why we're keeping you and Kotu a safe distance from the shipyard.

Gali: puns?

Macku: No, in case Marka shows up.

The shipyard Matoran from earlier, Marka, walks up behind Macku, startling her.

Marka: Out.

Macku slides offscreen slowly. Cut to a view of the inside of a home, where a Matoran is reading a stone tablet.

Kotu: That's Nixie.

Kotu moves away and Nixie looks up from her reading, vaguely confused. Cut to the interior of Macku's home.

Macku: This is my signed poster of Hewkii, the Kolhii champion. It's! No big deal!

Kotu: It's a big deal.

Cut to the interior of the village leader's home. A fish is mounted on the wall.

Kotu: Turaga's treasured first fish.

Gali: It sure does look like a... reel catch!

Kotu: You get me.

Cut to the exterior of another building.

Macku: I think you'll like this one.

Kotu: Kiriri!

Gali peers into the darkness of the doorway. A pair of eyes stare back and then lunge forward! Gali turns away, bracing for impact... but nothing strikes her. She looks back, confused, and sees a giant, lizard-like creature perched calmly in front of her.

Gali: Is this...?

Kotu: The beast you saved us from! His name is Kiriri.

Gali: Well, I didn't really save you from him. That wanderer did most of the work.

Macku: But you're the one who freed him from his infected mask! He's got a new, clean one now.

Kotu: But he's needed some help adjusting back to regular life. Haven't ya, pal?

She hugs Kiriri. The lizard snorts in response.

Gali: So you take care of him?

Kotu: Yep!

Macku: Without Kotu, Kiri might not have made it out in the ocean.

Kotu: Couldn't have done it without you, sweetie.

Macku hands Kotu some plants, which Kotu carries over and feeds to Kiriri.

Gali: How do you handle it? Being responsible for his life like that.

Kotu: I don't know. I never really thought of it like that.

She pats Kiriri's head, and he retreats into the building with his meal.

Gali: Oh.

Macku: The tour didn't help, did it?

Gali: The tour was lovely. I just... still feel a little overwhelmed...

She looks back at her face in the falls.

Macku: Sorry, Gali.

Gali: It's alright.

Kotu: Don't lose hope just yet! I've got one more stop in mind that I think will really help you out. But to get there... we need a boat.

The three look over to the harbor, where Marka stands watch diligently.

Act 2

Scene 1

Night time. Marka is sleeping in her home. Kotu peers in through the open doorway and sees her resting. She turns back.

Kotu: Let's go.

The trio sneaks into the harbor. Gali makes a loud splash as she lands on the lily pad, but looks around and doesn't see anyone alerted to their presence.

Gali: The coast is clear. Literally.

Kotu and Macku hop into a boat.

Kotu: Well that was easy.

Suddenly, a light clicks on. Kotu looks embarrassed. We see the light is held by a Matoran with one of her eye lights cracked.

Mysterious Matoran: Ahoy there.

Macku: Oh! It's just you, Kai.

Kai: I hope ye ain't planning to set sail tonite. Storm coming in. A big one. I can feel it in my mask.

She taps her mask for emphasis.

Kotu: Aw, come on, Kai. Macku is a great sailor! And Gali controls the storms!

Kai: Arrg. No one ever listens to old Kai.

Macku: We'll be safe. I promise.

Macku salutes Kai. Kai turns and walks away

Kai: Feh. Can't say I didn't warn ye.

Macku: She's just worried about us.

Kotu: Well she's got nothing to worry about. Gali'll blow those storms right away!

Gali, looking uncertain: Right.

Macku: Hop in, Gali.

They set sail into the darkness.

Scene 2

Foggy daybreak. The boat comes to a stop in open water.

Kotu: This is it. Gali, I know you've been feeling unsure of yourself. But I really think this'll help you see how great you really are.

Without another word, Kotu hops up onto the bow and dives gracefully into the water.

Gali: Wait, what is it?

Macku: It's, uh... it's underwater. It's really nice! You'll see.

The three dive deep beneath the waves. Finally, a majestic temple comes into view on the sea floor.

Kotu: There it is.

Gali: I don't understand. What is it?

Macku: It's your temple!

Gali: My temple. You built this. For me.

Macku: Not us us, but yes.

Kotu: Just like the village, and the falls... it was all made for you, because you're so great!

We get the sense Gali is overwhelmed as the temple looms over her. Kotu grabs Gali's arm and pulls her forward.

Kotu: Come on! Maybe it'll 'sink in' if you see it up close!

Gali, pulling away: No. No, I'm not great.

Kotu: Sure you are! They don't build temples for just anyone!

Gali: Well then you chose the wrong one to build them for! I got here over a month ago. And what have I done? I haven't found a single mask yet.

Kotu and Macku watch with growing concern as Gali continues.

Gali: How am I supposed to save you at this rate? Lives are on the line, and I haven't done anything! I'm not the savior you think I am. I don't think I've ever done anything great. I... It's...

Kotu: Gali...

Gali: I need to go.

She speeds away. Macku panics.

Macku: Oh gosh! What have we done? I should have known this would make her feel worse! What if she never comes back?! What if she gets hurt out there!? What if...

Kotu puts a hand on her shoulder.

Kotu: Hey. Macku. It's going to be ok. Deep breath.

Macku takes a deep breath as Kotu holds her hand.

Kotu: This isn't your fault. It's mine. I wasn't really thinking about what Gali was feeling. Sorry I pulled you into this.

Macku: No, no. You were only trying to help her. We both were.

Macku hugs Kotu tightly.

Macku, after a moment: What's gonna happen now?

Kotu: I don't know.

Act 3

Scene 1

It is the middle of the day now. Macku and Kotu are back on the boat. Kotu is dozing while Macku stares into the water. Kotu opens her eyes.

Kotu: You ready to head back?

Macku: Yes. It's been long enough.

Kotu: She's going to be ok.

As they begin sailing back, the sky darkens. Suddenly, they hear the rumble of thunder.

Kotu: We'll make it back before it hits.

Lightning flashes across the sky, and rain begins to fall hard.

Kotu, smiling apologetically: Uh.

A wave tosses her off her feet.

Macku: Hold on! I'll navigate as best I can!

Scene 2

Underwater, somewhere in a shallow bay. Fish swim peacefully between colorful coral and seaweed. Gali is floating aimlessly through on her back.

Gali's thoughts: What am I doing? They just wanted to help me. And I ran away. I couldn't even deal with that. Now I'm just floating uselessly. I could get up. I need to get up! But it's all so much. All the monuments. I'm everything to them. If I stay here, I'll fail them. But if I get up, won't I fail anyway? Haven't I failed already?

Distant thunder echoes.

Gali: The storm!

Scene 3

The storm rages on, as Kotu and Macku struggle not to be flung about the boat. Kotu falls over.

Kotu: I'm ok.

Macku: I don't know how much longer I can manage this!

Kotu, taking her hand: I believe in you.

A large wave tossed them both to the ground. Kotu looks up and points.

Kotu: Look!

Gali leaps from the sea and lands dramatically in the boat.

Kotu: Gali! We're so sorry.

Gali: No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have left. I'll try to stop the storm.

She straightens up, raising her arms to the sky. After a long pause... nothing happens.

Gali: I... I don't know what I'm doing.

Kotu: Gali... I put pressure on you by showing you the temple, it was a dumb idea.

Gali: It's ok. I just got overwhelmed. An entire temple dedicated to me, and I've accomplished nothing since I arrived here.

Kotu: What are you talking about?! You saved the entire village from Kiriri, remember?

Macku: Also, you're very nice! I feel safe with you.

Kotu: And you're really good at jokes! That's a rarity around here.

Gali smiles softly.

Macku: It's really ok that you haven't found the masks yet.

Kotu: How many masks have you seen us find?

Macku: ...and we've been here for forever!

Gali: Thank you. I just... can't stop feeling terrified I will let you down.

Macku: Gali, you are fighting to do something really hard, for our sakes. We'd have to be crazy to expect anything more!

Kotu: We're your friends, and we're here to support you whenever you start thinking you aren't enough. Because you are.

She hugs Gali. After securing the boat controls, Macku joins the hug.

Gali, smiling: Thank you.

Lightning suddenly strikes, breaking the three up. Gali sits up and look to check on the Matoran.

Kotu: We're good.

Gali: I think it's time for this storm to blow over.

She puts her hook tools together, and a glow begins to form between them. She raises the tools up and the glow grows, seeming to pull in the storm around it. Gradually, the sky clears. There is now a ball of energy in Gali's hands that she doesn't know what to do with.

Gali: Uh.

The ball explodes with electricity, puncturing a hole in the boat. The boat begins slowly sinking, leaving the trio treading calm water.

Kotu: That was amazing.

Gali: It was definitely a real... shock!

Kotu explodes in a fit of giggles.

Macku: Gali... are you... going to be ok?

Gali: I think so. As long as I can count on you guys.

Kotu: Always.

Macku: Now. How are we going to get back?

There is a sudden roar and the sound of breaking water. The trio looks over to see Kiriri!

Kiriri! He followed us all the way out here! On his own!

Kiriri extends and arm. Kotu takes hold and is lifted up near the lizard's head, which she pats.

Kotu: You grew up so fast.

Kiriri makes a sound. Kotu turns to Macku.

Hey cutie, you need a lift?

Macku: Sounds better than being stranded in the ocean, cutie.

Scene 4

Back in Ga-Koro, Kiriri swims up to the harbor, the trio in tow.

Macku: Well that was a fun day!

Kotu: Well sure, any day you get to spend with me is great!

They elbow each other. Then Marka walks up to them. She looks around.

Marka: No boat.

The two stare, frozen. Suddenly Kotu jumps.

Kotu: You'll never take me alive.

She speeds off.

Macku: Kotu! You can't run from your mistakes like that! Come back and atone!

She chases after Kotu.

Marka: You two get back here if you value yer masks!

Gali steps up.

Gali: The boat is actually kind of my fault.

Marka: Eh. Those hooligans owe me work anyway. Consider us square if you can wrangle 'em for me.

Gali: I'll see what I can do.

She jumps as she hears Macku shout from a distance.

Macku: Gali help, she's threatening to take my Hewkii poster if I turn her in!

Marka: Good luck.

Marka walks off. Gali begins to walk towards Macku and Kotu, but pauses, looking back over at the falls with her face carved into them.

Gali: I'm not gonna let you keep me down.

The end.


By emily. Most assets produced by Templar Games, Inc. for the Lego Group. Neither party approves authorizes, or endorses this work.