The Mysterious Treasure, Translated by Runamuck

Narrator: Bosun Will, along with the cabin boy Jimbo, just wanted to enter McMoney’s store, the biggest store on the Pirate Island. Here you can truly buy or sell everything, loan money, and gather information. McMoney has everything, knows everything, and charges high prices for it, and some people don’t like that.
Jimbo: Hey, what is going on?
Will: Looks like a huge brawl.
Popsy: Ruckus! Ne’er do wells!
Jimbo: Let’s go in and take a look.
Will: Why that, Jimbo? It won’t take long before we’ll see who is brawling.
Jimbo: You mean he is going to be thrown out?
Will: Yes, just wait. Ah, there he is.
Jimbo: It’s Culverin, the helmsman of the Barracuda.
Popsy: Culverin idiot, old pirate!
Will: Hello Culverin, I didn’t know that you could fly.
Culverin: Uuuuhhhh, be quiet, bosun, or I’ll…
Popsy: Culverin idiot, old pirate!
McMoney: That lousy cheat, he wanted to scam me.
Will: What a wonderful morning, McMoney. As I can see business is already flourishing.
McMoney: Of all people it had to be Culverin, the dumbest pirate who has ever existed north or south of the Equator.
Culverin: Eh, uh, another word, McMoney, and I’ll tear your store apart.
Will: Ha ha ha, what did Culverin want from you?
McMoney: He wanted to sell invitations to Camilla’s wedding to me. That must be the dumbest thing anyone has offered me.
Will: Camilla’s wedding? You mean the governor’s niece?
Narrator: Bosun Will is struck by terror. Camilla will get married? His beloved Camilla? That can’t be, that would be too horrible. One thing is completely clear to Will, Camilla would never willingly marry anyone else, and he decides that this wedding has to be stopped.
McMoney: Of course I mean her. Her aunt Prudence has finally found someone who is worthy to take her hand.
Will: Who is it?
McMoney: McGeyer, the governor of the northern colonies. Ha ha ha, it had to be him. I wouldn’t even want my mother in law to have a crook like that.
Will: And? Do you know anything else? When will the wedding take place, and where? Tell me, please.
McMoney: I don’t know anything else.
Will: Sure, sure, you know more. Come on, I’ll pay you with gold pieces.
McMoney: No matter what you pay me, bosun, I really can’t tell you anything else.
Jimbo: Hey, hey bosun, where are you going? Wait for me, slow down.
Popsy: Wait.
Jimbo: Wait Will, I’ll come along!
McMoney: Ha ha ha ha, yes just wait, invitations for the wedding can be bought in my store, nowhere else. And they are cheap, lad, just six gold pieces for one invitation.
Culverin: You fiend. You wouldn’t even give me one gold piece.
Narrator: Will’s mind is completely blank, how can he stop this wedding? As an unimportant bosun, what can he do? Camilla is after all the niece of the powerful governor Broadside. Disturbed he sits down by the water and looks out to the sea.
Jimbo: Will, what is wrong?
Will: You know that, Camilla is getting married.
Popsy: Oh, the sweetheart.
Will: Be quiet Popsy, or I’ll wring your neck.
Popsy: Pirate, ha ha ha, cutthroat.
Jimbo: Would you really do it?
Will: What do you mean, Jimbo?
Jimbo: Wring the parrot’s neck?
Will: Ha ha ha, nonsense, you know that. It was just something I said.
Popsy: How is the sweetheart doing? Kissy, Kissy!
Will: Popsy, that’s enough.
Popsy: How is your little treasure doing? Ha ha ha, little treasure.
Will: Popsy, what did you just say?
Popsy: Little treasure! Pirate! Gallows noose!
Will: No, no, not that, after that.
Jimbo: He asked, how is your little treasure doing.
Will: Treasure, that’s it. Now I know what to do.
Jimbo: What are you going to do, Will?
Will: I have to get to the captain. I don’t have time to explain it to you now.
Jimbo: Why must you always be so mysterious? Why can’t you for once tell me what you have planned?
Narrator: Bosun Will rushes to captain Roger. He is determined to save Camilla, and even if he has to bend the truth a little, he is ready for that. He finds the pirate captain on the bridge of the Dark Shark.
Will: Captain, I have to talk to you right now.
Roger: Alright, what is going on?
Will: Someone has just told me a secret, the Cannonball will leave Port Royal with a great treasure on board. It is sail that she will sail to the north, to governor McGeyer.
Roger: And? What do I care? The Cannonball is invincible.
Will: Only if encounter it in a fair fight, but you would never do that.
Roger: No, I wouldn’t. Did you say that the Cannonball was carrying gold? Lots of gold?
Narrator: Captain Roger’s right eye starts to sparkle, and surely his left eye would also have been glowing if he hadn’t lost it during one of his many battles, now he wears a black eye patch instead. Will knows very well that all captain Roger can think of right now is gold, and how he can get it. For a moment he has a bad conscience, but then he thinks of his little treasure Camilla. He has to save her, so he keeps bending the truth.
Will: Gold, uhm, I don’t know, could be. I just know of a treasure, and I know you, if there is a treasure on board then you’ll think of a way to lure the Cannonball into a trap.
Roger: Hmmhmm, you’re not so dumb after all, you hit it right on the head.
Will: So, what are we waiting for? We have to set sail, or do you want captain Foul to get the treasure?
Roger: What? Foul, that sneaky sea robber, is also after the treasure? Then we have to take action. Call the helmsman, the bell, all men on deck, we are setting sails.
Pirate: All men on deck!
Will: Thought so.
Roger: What did you say?
Will: Me? Eh, no, what made you think that?
Narrator: The Dark Shark sneaks under the cover of darkness closer to the island La Sabatina. Captain Roger and Bosun Will leave the ship, and then they secretly make their way to Port Royal.
Will: Not so loud captain. Can’t you tread a little softer, you peg leg is rather noisy.
Roger: What are you talking about? I am not stomping, I almost hover over the ground.
Will: If you won’t be quieter the soldiers will catch us. Can’t you see that guards have been posted everywhere?
Roger: You bet I can see that, bosun. A good sign, governor Broadside would not pull as many soldiers out of their warm beds if the wasn’t something important to guard.
Will: You mean the treasure that I told you about?
Roger: What else? Another two steps and we are on the harbour.
Will: We are there.
Roger: A lot is going on.
Will: Hmm, they are preparing the Cannonball. They are carrying supplies on board.
Roger: You are right Bosun, this is something big. Broadside would otherwise not be doing all of this.
Will: Yes, there the governor himself comes. Broadside is flanked by Lt. De Martine and four soldiers.
Roger: Ah, and a cart with a chest.
Will: And another 20 soldiers.
Roger: Look Will! The sweet Camilla is also walking on board, escorted by her aunt Prudence.
Will: I can see that.
Roger: Bosun? Do you know what this means?
Will: I think I do.
Roger: So that is the treasure.
Will: Yes, that’s it.
Roger: There is enough room in the chest for a pretty big treasure.
Will: Oh, I wasn’t talking about that.
Roger: Gold! I can see is sparkle and shine as if the chest was open. Can you hear my heart beat? The gold is making it beat faster.
Will: Aha, I was expecting that.
Roger: Will, we won’t let that booty get away from us.
Will: No captain, we won’t, I swear that, I’ll do anything to get it.
Roger: Me too. We’ll follow the Cannonball. We will wait and shadow it, and if there is a chance we will strike.
Will: Exactly captain, I was just going to suggest that.
Roger: Listen up, I’ll return to the Dark Shark.
Will: Eh eh, only you? And me? What am I supposed to do?
Roger: You’ll stay here and watch the Cannonball.
Will: And then?
Roger: You’ll have to decide for yourself. Maybe something will happen that we need to know before we set off. But come in time, or we will set off without you.
Will: Captain? Hey captain Roger? What is this supposed to mean? We can’t do that. Oh man, I imagined this completely differently.
Narrator: There is one thing that bosun Will for sure won’t do, and that is stay behind alone in Port Royal while the Dark Shark follows the Cannonball. He keeps watching the governor’s ship for about an hour, and then he makes a bold decision. He pulls together all his courage, sneaks aboard and hides there. Soon after, the Cannonball sets off.
In the hurry Will wasn’t able to choose his hiding spot; he has to take what he can get. That turns out to be a closet that is filled with all kinds of things sailors might need. The closet is right next to the cabin that governor Broadside is occupying. This way Will is able to listen in on the Governor and his sister.
Prudence: Finally, I’m so happy.
Broadside: Me too, dear Prudence, me too. Give me some more of the chicken.
Prudence: You have eaten enough.
Broadside: Prudence, just one little piece more. Just another leg.
Prudence: You have to wait until the second breakfast, and then you’ll be allowed to eat more. That’s enough for now. I don’t want you to step in front McGeyer as a burping tub of lard.
Broadside: Ah, McGeyer, ha ha, the right man for Camilla. He will have to empty his pockets for me to give Camilla to him. He will bleed until his treasure chamber can’t give any more.
Prudence: You should think of your niece’s happiness, and not just of the gold you can get for her.
Broadside: Mha, as if you only were interested in Camilla’s happiness.
Prudence: Of course I am that.
Broadside: But only of McGeyer puts a heavy pearl necklace around your neck for it.
Prudence: Tha…that’s outrageous.
Broadside: Oh, I have insulted her; I didn’t want to do that. I have to tell her…oh, oh, I’ll eat another piece of the delicious chicken. I can apologize to her later.
Narrator: Bosun Will is horrified by what he has just hear. Now he knows that governor Broadside is selling his beloved Camilla for filthy Lucre, and that he doesn’t care what happens to Camilla as long as he gets as much gold for her as possible. Will leaves the tiny closet and sneaks through the ship.
Camilla: Will?
Will: Camilla, finally I have found you.
Camilla: Why are you on board? When the soldiers find you they will kill you. My uncle can be so cruel.
Will: I know, Camilla.
Camilla: He wants to sell me. I have to marry McGeyer, the governor of the island to the north of La Sabatina.
Will: Do you know McGeyer?
Camilla: I have heard of him, oh, a despicable human being, I hate him. Oh, I don’t want to get married, Will.
Will: Don’t worry Camilla, help is on the way. I will make sure that you don’t have to marry McGeyer.
Camilla: But you can’t stop it. My uncle can be very reckless when it comes down to power and riches.
Will: Still, I’ll help you. And if there is no other way, we will flee from the ship together.
Camilla: Yes, let’s flee, Will.
Will: In time we will. I’ll guard you. Don’t worry, no harm will come to you.
Camilla: You must go now, the clock is striking 4. My aunt will come in a minute, she must not see you.
Narrator: At the time that Will returns to his hiding place Captain Roger is sitting in his cabin with helmsman Rummy, the sail maker Bliss and the shipwright Neal and are waiting for their meal. The Dark Shark has left the quiet bay and follows the Cannonball at a distance.
Rummy: Captain? Shouldn’t we have waited for Will?
Roger: We couldn’t wait any longer, Rummy, the Cannonball would have gotten away from us. Don’t worry about Will, he will get through it.
Rummy: Yes, I also believe that.
Roger: Also, without him our part of the treasure will get bigger.
Rummy: Bosun Will won’t get anything?
Roger: Of course not, those who aren’t present when we cash in a treasure has no right to a part.
Rummy: Ah, the food is ready.
Roger: Finally.
Flashfork: I couldn’t make it any faster, captain, good things take their time.
Roger: What is this?
Flashfork: A delicacy from the Far East. Chicken that has been fried in mango and chutney on curry rice, and…
Roger: Damn it Flashfork!
Flashfork: Pah, a true delicacy, captain. I worked 5 hours on this and…
Roger: When are you for once going to make something simple? Something that I’ll find really tasty?
Flashfork: But you haven’t tried it yet, captain. The chicken is a joy, the Indian spices…
Roger: I don’t care about the spices. Do you know what I want? A big thing, I can see it before my eyes, white soft bread on the top, soft white bread on the bottom, in the middle a big patty of fried juicy minced beef with a salad leaf, some pickles and mushed tomato.
Flashfork: What?! What is that?
Roger: Something I long for. When you were sick and unable to cook that pot maker, eh, what was it’s name…
Rummy: Hamburger.
Roger: Yes, exactly! He made me that. Oh, I’m still dreaming of it. And you come with this stupid curry chicken, or whatever it is called. Who is going to eat that?
Rummy: Merh.
Flashfork: That’s it; I’m not staying a day longer on this ship, you barbarians. Pick whoever you want to cook, I’m not doing it anymore, definitely not…
(The pirates laugh.) 
Roger: Oh, Flashfork is once again at the boiling point. Come on friends; let’s see if this stuff is eatable.
Narrator: The journey takes two days and two nights, then on the evening of the third day the Cannonball throws anchor. Soon thereafter Will hears from his hiding space how someone comes on board. While he is speculating about whether he should leave the closet or not, someone knocks hesitantly on the door. He believes that Camilla once more is bringing him something to eat and drink, but she just quickly wants to tell him something.
Camilla: It’s me, Camilla.
Will: Camilla, I’m not hungry.
Camilla: That’s not why I’m here; we are at our destination, a small island to the north of La Sabatina. Governor McGeyer has come on board, a despicable human being.
Will: We have to do something.
Camilla: What should we do? What?
Will: I will think of something.
Camilla: They are coming, I have to go.
Will: Yes, yes, hurry.
McGeyer: Thank you, a majestic ship. When will I have the joy to see my bride?
Broadside: Today, dear friend. My beautiful niece has already told me that she is impatient to meet you.
McGeyer: Thank you! That is something I like to hear. Come with you niece Camilla and your sister Prudence over to me on the Lucky Maiden, and let us hold a great feast on board.
Broadside: I would love to, my dear friend.
McGeyer: McGeyer’s ship feasts are known on all seas and are downright famous. Ha ha ha, everybody enjoy themselves. We have made all the preparations.
Broadside: (Clears his throat) We will come. Eh, when do you expect us?
McGeyer: In an hour. Ha ha ha, and don’t forget Camilla.
Broadside: No need to worry, I won’t, as long as you allow me a look into your treasure chamber.
McGeyer: You will see a lot of treasures, and you will be able to convince yourself that I’m the right man for Camilla.
Narrator: One hour later governor Broadside leaves the Cannonball with a big fellowship. He does not just bring Camilla and Prudence along, but also all the officers from the ship and 20 crewmembers. Only a few men stay behind on the Cannonball. Bosun Will can’t stand it in his hiding space any more, through the cover of darkness he sneaks out on deck.
Soldier: There is a lot going on over there, or what?
Will: Hmmhmm.
Soldier: Kind of a pity, would have liked to come along, you too?
Will: Meh.
Soldier: It’s quite dark tonight, you can barely see anything.
Will: Yes, very dark.
Narrator: The soldier doesn’t recognise him and thinks that he is part of the crew.
Soldier: What is going on over there?
Will: I don’t know.
Soldier: They are fighting.
Will: Oh, I don’t believe that.
Soldier: Man, are you deaf? Listen, they are brawling. There, now you can see it, the crews are fighting.
Will: They have drunk too much rum.
Soldier: Yes, you can bet on that. Oh man, that looks bad. The fists are flying.
Will: I’m not watching this any longer.
Soldier: Hey, what are you doing to do? Why are you climbing on to the railing?
Will: I’ll swim over there.
Soldier: Man, are you crazy? There are sharks in these waters; they will have eaten you before you have gotten 10 meters.
Will: So what, they won’t like me, I’m too tough.
Soldier: Don’t do it, that’s insane.
Narrator: Will swims over to the Lucky Maiden. He is not afraid of the sharks, he is only worried about Camilla, and no harm must come to her. He climbs up the anchor chain on board and keeps an eye open for Camilla. He spots governor Broadside, who is hiding in a corner like a coward. He also sees aunt Prudence who is trying to climb up on a mast to save herself. Camilla though is nowhere to be seen.
(The soldiers can be heard brawling.) 
Will: Get out of my way, De Martinet.
De Martinet: Bosun Will? You? What are you doing here?
Will: You have 3 guesses.
De Martinet: Pirates! There are pirates on board!
Will: Stop screaming, better take a nap. (Hits De Martinet with a bottle.) Right on the tip of his chin. He’ll be sleeping a while. What now? Hey, let me through, I have no part in with this brawl.
Broadside: Who is that?
Will: Oh, you know me, your honour.
Broadside: Pi-pi-pi-pirates!
Will: Ha ha ha, just keep doing that, governor, just tell me where Camilla is.
Broadside: I-i-i-in the cabin.
Will: Thanks old chum, that is all I wanted to know. And now keep yelling about pi-pi-pirates.
Broadside: I am not your old chum.
Will: No? To me you are your honour, see you later, old chum.
Broadside: But that…that’s outrageous. Stop him! Stop him!
Narrator: Determined, Will rushes below deck to the cabins. He yanks various doors open, and then finally Camilla stands in front of him.
Will: Camilla!
Camilla: Will, oh Will, you?
Will: Yes, me. Come, we’ll get out of here before things go from bad to worse.
Camilla: Where to?
Will: There is a boat below the stern, we’ll take it and run away.
Camilla: Yes, that sounds good.
Will: There’s a rope ladder, we’ll climb down on it. Don’t worry about the others, I’ll take care of them.
Camilla: Watch out Will, he’s got a knife.
Will: I know. Get into the boat, we have to be gone before McGeyer notices anything.
Camilla: Yes, Yes you are right.
Will: I’ll follow in a moment, I just have to chase these two guys off. Hurry, but don’t fall into the water.
Narrator: Will fights off governor Broadsides two angry sailors, then he climbs down the rope ladder to the boat and rows out of the bay. Nobody follows him and Camilla, because the brawl on the Lucky Maiden keeps on going merrily.
As they have left the bay Will sets the sail. But even though the wind is strong they only get ahead slowly. The boat has a high waterline and is hard to steer, but that doesn’t bother the bosun, the only thing that is important to him is that he has Camilla by his side.
Will: What was happening on the ship? Why were your uncle’s sailors and McGeyers men fighting?
Camilla: Oh, McGeyer and my uncle were drinking and laughing at first, but then they started arguing.
Will: Why? They must have had a reason.
Camilla: They had one. My uncle wanted a lot of gold and jewels for me and McGeyer didn’t want to give him anything. To the contrary, he wanted something. He demanded a dowry.
Will: Like it is common.
Camilla: Yes, but my uncle didn’t want to acknowledge that, and then they started arguing. It got louder and louder, and then the officers and crews started throwing punches at each other.
Will: Ha ha ha, and that gave me the opportunity to get you off the ship.
Camilla: Hmmhmm. Oh, but how will we go on?
Will: I don’t know yet. McGeyer and your uncle will be searching for us.
Camilla: Hmmhmm.
Will: Because of that we have to hide somewhere first. If this boat just wasn’t so slow.
Narrator: Desperately Will tries to squeeze more speed out of the boat, but it is no use. As it is getting brighter and the new day starts to dawn Camilla spots the Dark Shark. Relieved Will steers the boat to the ship and captain Roger throws anchor and climbs on board with Camilla.
Will: Flashfork? Asking permission to come on board.
Flashfork: Bosun! Who have you brought along? Welcome aboard the Dark Shark, pretty lady.
Camilla: Thank you.
Will: Camilla, this is Flashfork, our cook. A master of his craft, there is no cook better than him.
Flashfork: If anyone would just acknowledge that.
Will: But I do that Flashfork. Where’s the captain? Is he still asleep?
Flashfork: Anything but that. The captain sailed away with Rummy and a lot of others to attack the Cannonball.
Will: What? But that means that we should have met them, we came from there.
Camilla: We didn’t see anyone. What does the captain want there?
Flashfork: He is looking for that treasure that is aboard the Cannonball. I don’t know why you didn’t see him and the others. Do you want anything to eat?
Camilla: Oh, I’m awfully hungry.
Will: Me too. What treats do you have?
Flashfork: Hmm, I could offer you duck á l’orange and green peppers, along with that…
Will: Do you have anything else? I don’t know if Camilla…
Camilla: Oh, my mouth is watering just from the sound of it. Delicious, please give me duck.
Will: Oh well, I was just thinking of something simpler…
Flashfork: Ugh, you are a barbarian. You should be served rotten fish and mouldy pork that is just good enough for you.
Narrator: Will and Camilla have barely finished eating as they are startled by the noise that the returning crew makes. They thank the cook for his trouble and rush to the aft deck. Captain Roger and helmsman Rummy are already on board, they are visibly disappointed.
Popsy: Pirate! Gallows noose!
Will: Popsy, will you stop swearing? There is a lady on board.
Popsy: Cross, fire and brimstone!
Roger: That’s enough Popsy, be quiet.
Popsy: Hell and scumbags!
Roger: Camilla, what are you doing on my ship?
Camilla: That’s easy to explain, captain Roger. Bosun Will kidnapped me from the Lucky Maiden, which suits me just fine.
Will: And where were you captain?
Roger: On the Lucky Maiden.
Popsy: Tattle tale talks!
Roger: At first we wanted to go on the Cannonball, but it was guarded too well. Then we tried McGeyers ship. Unfortunately with no luck.
Popsy: The hoodlum!
Will: Why no luck?
Roger: Stupid question. I would have been Childs play to plunder the ship, because the whole crew was drunk. Even McGeyer was sleeping off his buzz.
Popsy: Ha ha ha, old Buzzard!
Will: Yes, McGeyer held a feast on his ship. It ended in a horrible brawl. It could be that the rum was the cause.
Roger: We searched through the whole ship. We turned everything upside down, from the top to the bottom, from the back to the front and back.
Will: But?
Roger: We found nothing. We were able to take a few coins and a ring from McGeyer, that was everything.
Camilla: But that’s impossible.
Popsy: Oh the sweetheart.
Camilla: There must be a treasure chest, a pretty big one at that.
Roger: It wasn’t there.
Camilla: Oh, I saw it with my own eyes. It was filled with gold and jewels.
Roger: Where is it?
Camilla: It stood in the middle of McGeyers cabin. I was there when he showed it to my uncle to prove that he was a rich man.
Roger: There was no chest.
Will: Maybe Broadside stole it?
Roger: Never. If he had done that, the Cannonball wouldn’t have been there anymore. But it was still there, not even a 100 meters away from the Lucky Maiden.
Will: Yes, you are right. But where is the treasure chest?
Roger: Not on the Lucky Maiden, that’s sure.
Camilla: This is a mystery to me.
Will: Then Broadside must have stolen it. He must have intentionally encouraged the fight on the ship so he better could take the treasure away.
Camilla: I don’t believe it, although I think he would do it.
Will: It’s the only possibility. Heh, Broadside and McGeyer are probably fighting right now.
Roger: Let them. This adventure is certainly over for us. We’ll return to the Pirate Island.
Will: But captain, couldn’t we…
Roger: Not another word. The Cannonball and the Lucky Maiden are close, and I don’t like that at all. Each of those ships could send us to the bottom of the sea.
Will: But Broadside and McGeyer have enough to do with themselves.
Roger: McGeyer knows that we have been on board. Some of his men saw us after all. And Broadside will claim that we stole the treasure.
Will: Yes, you are right. Especially if he stole it himself, he will blame us.
Roger: That’s how it is. Rummy, lets the sails be set, we’ll get out of here!
Rummy: Ay ay, captain. Get to work, men, set the sails! We’ll leave this inhospitable island. To the rigging!
Narrator: Because the island is surrounded by cliffs and pits the Dark Shark only gets ahead slowly at first. Only as it gets brighter they get out to the open sea, where all sails can be set. Now she picks up speed, and all on board hope that they will reach the Pirate Island, and their hideout, unharmed.
Roger: Flashfork, when will the food be ready?
Flashfork: Have a little patience captain, I’ll be ready in a moment.
Roger: What’s on the menu?
Flashfork: I had hoped for a well-seasoned shark fin soup with abalone and Saragossa seaweed as an appetizer, after that…
Will: What’s wrong with the monkey?
Roger: It’s feels sick because it heard what is being served today.
Flashfork: Captain, t-t-that’s a horrible insult. M-m-my soups are…
Lookout: Ship in sight!
Roger: Quiet, Flashfork. The lookout has spotted a ship.
Flashfork: If you barbarians don’t value my cooking, at least you could let me talk.
Roger: Later, Flashfork. You can talk all you want to later.
Flashfork: It’s hopeless. From now on I’ll only serve hardtack and pork.
Lookout: Wait, there are two ships! To north northwest!
Will: Do you think it’s the Cannonball and the Lucky Maiden?
Roger: I hope not. Where is my spyglass?
Will: Here.
Roger: Let’s take a look. Hmm, I can’t tell yet. Rummy!
Rummy: Captain?
Roger: Trim the sails, we have to pick up more speed. What is going on today? Why are we so slow? We are not even doing 5 knots.
Rummy: Trim the sails! Get to work, men, we have to go faster.
Narrator: Captain Roger and the pirates are doing their best, but the Dark Shark only gets a little faster. Soon the two other ships are able to be seen with the naked eye, they are quickly catching up.
Roger: It’s the Cannonball and the Lucky Maiden.
Will: In at most one hour they will have caught us. They are not giving up, they want to get Camilla back.
Roger: The wind is picking up, but we are not getting any faster. I fear this will take a grim turn.
Will: What are we going to do, captain? Will we fight with them?
Roger: I would love to, but we would not survive a fair fight. The Cannonball alone is already superior to us, we would have no chance against both ships.
Popsy: Argh! Cross, fire and brimstone! Hell and scumbags!
Will: Be quiet Popsy, please. Quiet! I can almost feel the noose around my neck.
Roger: It has not come that far yet, Will.
Will: Looks like it, captain. Will you hand Camilla over to them?
Roger: There are no other options. The question is just what happens after that.
Will: Yes, you are right. Broadside and McGeyer will take their revenge on us. But I will tell them that you and the others had no part in this.
Roger: Don’t think about it. Go to your Camilla and make her ready to leave the Dark Shark soon.
Will: What a day. Everything started so well.
Roger: Ha ha, no wonder, Will, it’s Friday the 13th today. Something had to go wrong.
Will: I would like it much better if Broadside and McGeyer were the ones who had the bad luck.
Narrator: They try everything to make their ship faster, but the pursuers are getting ever closer. Something is wrong with the Dark Shark. She is slower than usual, and nothing is changing about that. The pirates are already able to see how the cannons are being loaded on the Cannonball and the Lucky Maiden. Then captain Roger has the saving idea.
Roger: Bosun? Get Camilla.
Will: Here she is, captain.
Roger: Even better. We’ll put Camilla in the boat. That way we’ll stop Broadside and McGeyer, they must stop to pick her up, at least one of them.
Will: That won’t work, captain. Look down to the stern.
Roger: What is wrong? Oh, now I see, that’s what has been slowing us down. Thunder and lightning, why didn’t we notice sooner?
Will: The boat is full of water. A little more and it would sink.
Roger: It works like an anchor. Cut the rope, the boat has to go.
Will: Why, captain? Let’s take the boat up on deck. Take a look at it, it’s new and must have some value.
Roger: We don’t have time for that, we have to get away. Or do you want to start a fight with the Cannonball?
Will: No, of course not.
Roger: Then carry out my orders. Camilla will be put into one of our rowboats. Hurry, let it into the water, and then let her down.
Will: Ay ay, captain.
Narrator: Now things are happening fast, captain Roger cuts the rope to the boat, and Will says goodbye to Camilla with a heavy heart. She has to get into a rowboat, and is soon left behind by the Dark Shark. The currents make her drift to the west. The boat does not though, its waterline is very high, and it is too heavy. It just bobs on the waves and barely moves from the spot.
Roger: So, that’s done. That’ll stop them. I’m just curious who will first try to pick up the sweet Camilla, her uncle Broadside or her future husband McGeyer.
Will: Neither of them is changing their course.
Roger: But they are reefing the sails and are turning. They are putting rowboats into the water.
Will: Yes, but they don’t seem to care about Camilla.
Roger: You are right; they only care about the boat.
Will: This can’t be, look at this captain, rowboats from both ships are heading towards the boat.
Roger: And no one cares about that Camilla is waving like crazy.
Will: What kind of fools are they? They are rowing like crazy.
Roger: They are cutting off each other.
Will: I don’t get it. Why do they want to get to the boat? Can’t they see Camilla?
Roger: They appear to be blind.
Will: Hey! Hey you numbskulls, Camilla is over there! Open your eyes! She is there!
Roger: Those fools, they have hit the boat.
Narrator: A wild fight erupts over the tiny sail boat. The soldier of governor Broadside and governor McGeyer are getting in each other’s way, and as some of them try to jump onto the boat it capsizes and sinks.
Roger: It is sinking.
Will: Those boneheads.
Roger: Ha ha, how can you fight about a boat like that? It’s not even worth a lot.
Popsy: Boneheads. Crooks! Gold and silver!
Will: What? What did you say, captain? The boat is worthless?
Roger: No, our men could anytime build a boat like that. They would not need more than two weeks to do that.
Will: Captain, damn it, now I understand it.
Roger: What?
Will: Captain, we are the biggest megablocks both north and south of the equator.
Roger: You maybe, but not I.
Will: You are, you are just as big an megablocks as I am. Don’t you understand why they were fighting for the boat?
Roger: No, I’ll never understand that.
Will: Because the gold was hidden on the boat. And now it has sunk with it.
Narrator: Captain Roger looks at Will speechlessly. His eye briefly lights up, then it becomes completely dull, as he looks over to the soldiers. Not even the tip of the boat’s mast can be seen any more. And the soldiers return, visibly disappointed, to the Cannonball and the Lucky maiden. Eventually captain Roger starts to understand.
Roger: T-t-t-this can’t be true.
Will: No, captain, it is true. Now everything is clear to me. During the feast Broadside’s soldier brought the treasure chest from the Lucky Maiden to the boat to hide it.
Roger: But then you ran away with the boat.
Will: Exactly, as Broadside’s and McGeyers men were fighting Camilla and I climbed into the boat and sailed away.
Roger: Oh, without knowing that the treasure was on board.
Will: Ha ha, that’s why the boat’s waterline was so high, and that’s why it was so hard to steer.
Popsy: Fire and Brimstone!
Roger: And now the treasure is lost to everyone. Bosun, why didn’t I listen to you, we should have taken the boat up on deck.
Will: Oh, cheer up captain. Well, Broadside and McGeyer would never let us keep the treasure. They would have caught up to us, and taken everything from us.
Roger: Yes, maybe even our lives.
Will: Exactly. But now we have a big head start of them. Look, the Lucky Maiden is even turning away. McGeyer doesn’t even try to pick Camilla up.
Roger: No, Broadside is taking care of that.
Will: Yes, but that means…Camilla has been saved, she won’t marry McGeyer. What a great day.
Roger: Ha, and we are much quicker than before. The Cannonball won’t catch up to us.
Will: No, we have made it again.
Narrator: Bosun Will is overjoyed, Camilla, his little treasure, has been saved. She will not marry any other man any time soon. Everything ended well, and Will doesn’t have a bad conscience any more. Captain Roger would almost have gotten his treasure. That he didn’t get it, well, that was really not Will’s fault. He winks at the parrot and Popsy actually closes an eye, as if he wanted to say “roger that, bosun Will.”
(Popsy laughs.) 
 The end!

Pirates (4)

The Mysterious Treasure


Capt'n Roger - Wolfgan Völz

Bosun Willy - Sascha Draeger

Helmsman Rumpott - Harald Eggers

Governor Broadside - Rudolf Weber-Lange

Lieutenant de Martinez - Michael Harck

Camilla - Kerstin Draeger

Auntie Rebecca - Marianne Kehlau

Capt'n Baddog - Jürgen Thormann

Polly the Parrot - Beate Hasenau

1st Mate Dumbo and Speedy, the monkey - Manfred Erler

Narrator - Rainer Schmitt


Author: H. G. Francis

Director: Heikedine Körting

Music: EUROPA Recording Studio

Editing: Hedda Kehrhahn

Sound: Roland Michel

A EUROPA Recording Studio production

Case Art: Dr. Beurmann