The Secret of La Sceletta, Translated by Runamuck

Narrator: The walls are shaking in the Bottomless Barrel, the most popular tavern on the Pirate Island. The gloomy captain Foul has started a fight. For that purpose he has picked a man who he thinks is spying for the governor. Captain Roger and his men are staying out of the fight, but when helmsman Rummy accidentally gets hit on the nose, they’re suddenly in the middle of the brawl.
Rummy: Argh, take that, and that, you’ll pay for this.
Will: Rummy! Don’t!
Rummy: The guy punched me.
Roger: At them! Show them what you can do!
Bessie: (Banging on a pot) Stop! You are trashing my tavern! Would you please stop? Could you at least be sensible, captain Roger?
Roger: Harh! I’m not even thinking about it. I’m just coming up to speed.
Bessie: This will cost you a fortune.
Roger: So what.
Narrator: No, the pirates can’t be stopped. They are having way too much fun at the brawl. And that they have to pay for the damages afterwards doesn’t bother them. The brawl first ends as the tavern has been reduced to a pile of rubble. At some point bosun Will wobbles out onto the street. A punch hit him right on the jaw.
Popsy: Hoodlums! Pirate! Ha ha, old crook!
Will: Not so loud, Popsy. Ah, my head….
Popsy: Oh, smack him on the head.
Will: Go away Popsy, I can’t stand you right now, my head hurts. Hey Jimbo!
Jimbo: Hor ho ho ho, Will, what’s wrong with you? You look pretty dinged up. Did you run into a cannon?
Will: Uhmmm, you don’t start as well. I can’t feel my legs any more. Am I still standing up?
Jimbo: If you can call it that, yes. Why do you think it is so much fun to beat each other up?
Will: Mmmh… I don’t, kid. I just wanted to get out of the tavern, then it hit me. Oh, it must have been a horse that kicked me.
Jimbo: And why did it all start?
Will: Ugh, a spy, no, wait, I don’t believe it. That’s what captain Foul said. He beat up the poor guy. Have you seen him anywhere? It’s a little man with bright red hair.
Jimbo: Sure, he fled out of the tavern. Now he’s over there by a boat. I think he wants to get out of here. There, by the rocks.
Will: You bet I see him. I have to go over to him.
Narrator: Will runs straight across the harbour to the man with the red hair, who has just stepped into his boat and is pushing it away from the shore. The stranger wants to leave the Pirate Island.
Will: Hey, stranger! Please wait! I have to talk to you.
Messenger: Too late, I’m not getting back on land. I have had enough of you maniacs.
Will: I’m sorry about captain Foul beating you up. I have nothing to do with him. I don’t even know why he punched you.
Messenger: Because I asked after a bosun Will from the Dark Shark. His answer was a punch to the face.
Will: Bosun Will? That’s me! Won’t you tell me why you came to us?
Messenger: You’re that Bosun?
Will: Yes, I’m Will, the bosun of the Dark Shark.
Messenger: Well that’s something… Will, and other than that?
Will: Eh, eh, what do you mean?
Messenger: Well, you probably have a surname as well, or what?
Will: Yes, of cause. My name is Will…uh… wait a minute; I just have to remember it… is it all that important?
Messenger: Actually it’s very important. I have a message for a man named Will, but I have to know his full name.
Will: I’ve got it, now I can remember it again. Will Cavendish. Yes, that’s my name, Cavendish.
Messenger: Then the message is for you. I’m giving it to you from Camilla.
Will: From Camilla, the governor’s niece? Quickly, what is she trying to tell me? I have to know.
Messenger: You think I have sailed all the way from Port Royal without asking for any kind of payment? No way.
Will: I’ll give you…4 gold pieces. I don’t have any more on me. Here they are, you see.
Messenger: Give them to me, but watch out that they don’t fall into the water.
Will: Here.
Messenger: Ah, thank you, the world looks much better already. So listen up, Camilla wants to speak to you immediately, she believes that she has found something about your origins.
Will: Camilla?
Narrator: Will feels like he has been struck by lightning. Camilla has discovered something about his origins? How is that possible? He doesn’t even know who he is himself, who his parents were and how they died. How often has he asked captain Roger to tell him something about his parents. But the pirate captain was always silent. What mystery surrounds the death of his parents? Will wants to know. Without hesitation Will jumps in to the redhead’s boat and sets of on the journey to the far away island of La Sabatina. The journey from the Pirate Island to La Sabatina is always dangerous. At first everything goes well. Will and Camilla’s messenger sail through the night. But as the morning dawns, it gets stormy. The storm pushes the little boat in front of it towards the cliffs of La Sabatina.
Messenger: We won’t make it.
Will: We have to.
Messenger: Be sensible Will, if we sail along the southern coast we can seek refuge in the bay Shark Island.
Will: Sorry, I don’t want to go to Shark Island, but to Port Royal.
Messenger: We can still do that tomorrow.
Will: No, we’ll get through it. I have to get to Camilla, immediately.
Messenger: We’ll not get through the reef in one piece, the passage is too narrow.
Will: Hold on tight.
Messenger: No Will, that’s insane. Look at the breaker, it’ll smash us against the cliffs.
Will: Hold on!
Messenger: You are insane. More to starboard, even more.
Will: No, we’ll ride through on the next wave. Watch out. Now!
Narrator: As Will sees an especially tall wave coming he literally risks everything. Skilfully he sails the boat into it, and then it happens. High up on the roaring water mountain the boat glides over the reef and into the safe bay.
Will: Ha ha ha, we made it. So, what do you say now?
Messenger: You must be working with the devil.
Will: No, how can you say something like that? Neptune was on our side. He lifted us over the reef.
Messenger: I thought we were going to die.
Will: Ha ha ha, not even close. Just a few more meters and we can walk onto land. La Sabatina, we are here.
Narrator: As Will reaches Port Royal the storm has blown over. The sun breaks through the clouds and the birds start to sing. The guards in front of Fort Rasselsword relax in the warm sunlight. The bosun squeezes through a hole in the fort’s wall and right after that throws pebbles at Camilla’s window. Not long thereafter she comes down to him in the garden.
Camilla: Will, I’m so happy.
Will: I came as fast as I could. I know nothing about my parents; captain Roger never told me anything, just their names.
Camilla: Cavendish.
Will: Yes. And now the messenger tells me that you know the secret of my parents?
Camilla: No, that is an exaggeration.
Will: But why did you call me?
Camilla: I found an old map in the attic of the palace; it could be a treasure map. On it the name William Gordon Frederic Cavendish is written.
Will: That’s the name of my father.
Camilla: Hmm.
Will: But how did you find the map?
Camilla: Oh, that’s weird. A few days ago I heard noises from the attic early in the morning. I walked up there and surprised a burglar. Apparently a pretty dumb guy.
Will: That was dangerous, Camilla.
Camilla: Oh, not at all. The man fled as soon as he saw me. He lost the map during that.
Will: I have to have the map, Camilla. Will you give it to me?
Camilla: Of course, I’ll get it; it’s up in my room. Wait, I’ll be back in a moment.
Narrator: The pretty Camilla rushes away, and Will waits. He is utterly confused. Finally he will get to know something about his parents. He firmly believes that the map is the key to his past. Finally the governor’s niece returns.
Camilla: Here. Well?
Will: That really is the name of my father.
Camilla: Is it a treasure map? Oh, please, let it be a treasure map. Oh, I think such maps are so exciting.
Will: I don’t know. There are so many symbols and signs on it that I don’t know and that I can’t decipher.
Camilla: Does the map point to an island?
Will: Yes, I think so. But I don’t know what island it is meant to be. I need advice from a specialist.
Camilla: Hmm, so you don’t think that we can read the map on our own?
Will: No, it’s impossible. But I know that there is a specialist in Port Royal. It’s the monk Jeremias, he is a teacher and a cartographer. I know him, I’m sure he can help me.
Camilla: Yes, I have heard of him. He lives up on the hill over there, right?
Will: Hmmhmm.
Camilla: Go to him, but come back to me later. I have to know what the signs on the map mean.
Narrator: As much as Will likes being together with Camilla, nothing can keep him there right now. Again he sneaks through the wall and rushes to the monk. Brother Jeremias sits on the terrace of his little house and works on a book. He is a very fat man with a round, good natured face and glowing blue eyes.
Jeremias: Ah, the little Will. The worst student I ever had the pleasure to teach. Good morning Will.
Will: Good morning Brother Jeremias. Doesn’t it say in the bible that you shouldn’t speak the untruth?
Jeremias: That’s right. So it says.
Will: And still you call me your worst student?
Jeremias: Ha ha ha, you know a lie would never come across my lips. But a little joke should be allowed on such a beautiful morning. What leads you to me, Will?
Will: This map. Do you know it, brother Jeremias?
Jeremias: I would say that. Here is my signature, ha, I made it. Let me take a look, hmm, interesting, hmm, it’s about… 15 years old.
Will: You could be right about that. But what does it tell? Is it a treasure map, and what place does it refer to? What do the symbols and signs mean? What is the lit shadow at August 15th at 5 o’clock supposed to mean?
Narrator: The monk defensively raises his hands, he can’t decipher the map that fast, even if he has drawn it himself. The many sings have the purpose to make the riddle hard to solve. When he finally raises his head and looks at Will he has turned pale, and his eyes are dark from fear.
Will: Brother Jeremias, what is wrong? You look so different.
Jeremias: Maybe I shouldn’t tell you what the map reveals.
Will: You should, I want to know, absolutely. Even if it is about very dangerous things.
Jeremias: Watch out, captain Foul and his helmsman Culverin…
Foul: Erh ha ha ha, I knew that you would be here.
Culverin: I have you.
Will: You had me.
Foul: Culverin, stop him!
Culverin: I’ll grab him.
Narrator: Will has no other choice. He grabs the valuable map, and runs away. But he doesn’t run far, soon he curves off and returns to the monk’s house. Through thick bushes he watches a few soldiers that have gathered in front of the house. Brother Jeremias goes outside.
Soldier: Brother Jeremias, what is wrong? Who was shooting?
Jeremias: It was Will, the bosun of the Dark Shark.
Soldier: The pirate? The bosun of captain Roger?
Jeremias: Him exactly, soldier.
Will: Brother Jeremias is lying, and he even told me that no lie would ever get past his lips.
Narrator: The soldiers run off and sound the alarm. But Will stays in his hiding spot, then he sees captain Foul and Culverin come out of the house. Both of them have pistols in their hands and now everything makes sense to Will. The two of them have threatened the monk so he had to tell the lie. Now they are laughing at brother Jeremias and run away.
Foul: That fool.
Culverin: Ha ha ha ha ha, he was shaking from fear.
Foul: He thought his life was at risk.
Will: Brother Jeremias!
Jeremias: Will? For god’s sake, what are you doing here? Run if you hold your life dear.
Will: Calm down.
Jeremias: You don’t understand, the soldiers have sounded the alarm, they are searching for you, and when they find you…
Will: I don’t understand why captain Foul is going through all this trouble. He is putting himself in danger with it.
Jeremias: He wants to deliver you to the gallows.
Will: I have understood that, but why? He must have a reason.
Jeremias: The soldiers are coming, Lt. De Martinet is with them, run Will! Run away, I beg of you!
Will: First you tell me what the map is supposed to mean. Why is captain Foul taking so high risks just so the governor’s soldiers can capture me?
Jeremias: Run if you hold your life dear! I have to go, I’m terrified, I’m not staying here.
Will: Who knows what this is supposed to mean, I sure don’t. But the brother is right; I have to get out of here. It is getting too dangerous here.
Narrator: Will flees for the second time this day. It was about time, because suddenly Port Royal is swarming with soldiers. There is only one hiding place left for the bosun, and he retreats to it. He flees into Fort Rasselsword to Camilla. He knows that no one will look for him there. In the afternoon, as everything in Port Royal has calmed down a little, Camilla goes to her uncle. She finds the governor in his salon; he has a huge cake in front of him and visibly enjoys eating it. He doesn’t even stop as Camilla sits down next to him.
Broadside: Mmmm, delicious, this cake. Would you like a piece?
Camilla: No thank you. May I ask you about something?
Broadside: Yes, of course, my little angel. What is going on?
Camilla: You know that there was a burglar in our attic.
Broadside: Of course, how rude. When I catch him I’ll have him quartered, fed to the sharks and at last hanged.
Camilla: Sure, uncle, that would be a fitting punishment. Eh, you know that the burglar lost a piece of paper, on it was the name William Gordon Frederic Cavendish.
Broadside: Yes, yes, you mentioned that.
Camilla: Who was this Cavendish?
Broadside: Why do you want to talk about this? You are ruining my appetite.
Camilla: I would so like to know, uncle.
Broadside: Oh well, he was a criminal. A-a-a-a really bad guy. I had him executed many years ago, despite him claiming to be innocent. Ha ha ha, everyone does that.
Camilla: Yes, sure. But what did he do?
Broadside: (Clears his throat) A horrible subject, he deserved nothing less that death. He attacked one of the king’s ships and sold everyone on board as slaves, men, women, children. Truly disgusting. Only the death sentence would be suitable.
Narrator: Will is horrified as Camilla later in the garden tells him what she heard from her uncle. His father should have done something like that? He can’t believe it.
Will: No, I can’t believe it. My father was no criminal, never.
Camilla: I can’t imagine it either.
Will: Really?
Camilla: No, he was probably innocent, I’m sure of that. You are not the son of a criminal, I can feel that.
Will: It is getting dark; I’ll go back to the monk’s house now. Maybe brother Jeremias has returned.
Camilla: But that is too dangerous. The soldiers are still searching for you.
Will: I will be careful.
Camilla: Please.
Will: Trust me Camilla; I have no wish to end in your uncle’s dungeon.
Narrator: Will says goodbye to Camilla. Then he sneaks through the streets of Port Royal. Without being noticed he makes it to the house on the hill. Brother Jeremias is there, he is packing away a few things.
Will: Jeremias?
Jeremias: Will! For god’s sake.
Will: Don’t worry, I don’t want to stop you.
Jeremias: I’m leaving; I’ll stay in the mountains for a while. This place has gotten too dangerous for me.
Will: Brother Jeremias, I must know what the map means. Please tell me. I will leave as soon as I know.
Jeremias: Oh well.
Willy: Here you go. Go on, I must know what secrets it contains.
Jeremias: The map shows that your father has buried something.
Will: Where?
Jeremias: On the island La Sceletta, in the mountains, do you see? Here, the signs show the way.
Will: What do they mean?
Jeremias: You will know when you are on La Sceletta on the 15th of August. I assume you want to go there.
Will: You can bet on that. I want to know what is buried there. And why the 15th of August, that’s in two days.
Jeremias: I don’t know what it is, and why it hast to be August 15th. But it is the inheritance from your father. It will answer a lot of your questions, but watch out, it seems to me that captain Foul doesn’t want you to find it.
Will: Don’t worry about me.
Jeremias: Don’t underestimate Foul, he is capable of doing anything, even capable of murder.
Narrator: No sooner than Will has left does captain Foul returns to the house of Jeremias. He just barely missed the bosun.
Foul: Arhahahaha, lookie here, brother Jeremias wants to disappear.
Jeremias: Captain Foul? I thought you were gone. You have to be careful, there are soldiers everywhere.
Foul: Ha ha ha hah, let them, they would never catch me.
Jeremias: You still should.
Foul: You want to get rid of me, huh? Well, that’s not a problem. Will was here to show you a map.
Jeremias: No, what makes you think of that?
Foul: Oh, that is not hard to guess, you just have to add two and two together. So, what kind of map was it?
Jeremias: Please, put the pistol away, I can’t think when you are waving it at me.
Foul: I’m not just waving it at you; I will shoot you if you don’t answer me immediately, so?
Jeremias: I just know that it describes where something is buried on the island La Sceletta.
Foul: That’s enough for me.
Narrator: Caprain Foul turns around, and runs off into the darkness, and brother Jeremias breathes a sigh of relief. He thinks that the greatest danger has passed over, but he is wrong. Foul has barely disappeared before some soldiers arrive at his house.
Gordon: Jeremias?
Jeremias: Pri-private Gordon?
Gordon: I have the order to bring you to the governor immediately.
Jeremias: A-a-am I under arrest?
Gordon: I don’t think so. The governor wants some information, and I advise you, give it to him. It concerns a map that has disappeared from the palace, probably a treasure map.
Narrator: Will returns to the bay where he arrived, and he is lucky, the little sailboat is still there. On a piece of paper he leaves a message and a gold piece in addition to that, and pushes the boat into the water. The next morning he is already far away from La Sabatina. A big ship is coming towards him, it’s the Dark Shark, and it is not long before he is sailing along the side of it.
Will: Hey, hey, captain Roger! Pick me up!
Roger: Bosun! What are you doing out here? Don’t you know where your nest is?
Will: Aboard the Dark Shark, where else?
Roger: Then climb aboard, lad. Rummy, throw him a rope ladder.
Rummy: Ay ay, captain.
Popsy: Old pirate!
Will: Hello Popsy.
Popsy: Drifter! Ahahahahahah.
Will: Hmm, what do we do with the sailboat?
Roger: We’ll tow that behind the ship. You see, the men are already tying it to the stern. Well lad, how do you feel about having the planks of the Dark Shark beneath your feet again?
Will: It feels good, captain.
Popsy: Bad swindler!
Roger: Ha ha, that’s what I mean. Rummy, course to Northeast.
Rummy: Ay ay, captain. Course to Northeast.
Roger: Well, spit it out, where were you Will?
Will: That’s a long story, captain Roger.
Narrator: Will tells what has happened, and he tells the captain that he wants to get to island La Sceletta as fast as possible.
Roger: La Sceletta? Have you lost your mind? That is too dangerous.
Will: I don’t care. If you don’t bring me to Sceletta I’ll just get back into the sailboat and a sail there myself.
Roger: What do you want there? Search for sea mice?
Will: Sea mice? Ha, those don’t even exist.
Roger: There must be, there are seahorses, seadogs, sea lions, sea elephants, even sea pigs. And there should not be any sea mice? Ho hor.
Will: Ha ha, I only know the porkers that you are trying to tell me. No, Roger, I’ll show you what I want on La Sceletta.
Roger: What’s that? A treasure map?
Narrator: Nervously captain Roger is fumbling at his eye patch, and his eye is lighting up. He has been gripped by gold fever, and lets him forget everything else.
Will: Maybe a treasure map, take a look for yourself.
Roger: It is a treasure map, even an idiot like culverin could see that. Where did you get it?
Will: Culverin wanted to steal it from Fort Rasselsword, Camilla surprised him during his attempt. He lost the map, and Camilla gave it to me.
Roger: You? Why?
Will: Look at the lower right corner.
Roger: Lower right corner, hmm….
Will: William Gordon Frederic Cavendish.
Roger: Never hear of him, what is this supposed to mean?
Will: Ha ha ha, you are a terrible liar, captain.
Popsy: Liar!
Will: You know exactly who William Cavendish was, my father.
Roger: Your father, oh… yes, that could be.
Will: You can’t fool me captain. You knew my father, you know exactly who he was. I want to finally hear the truth from you.
Roger: We’re going to La Sceletta.
Will: You don’t have anything else to day?
Roger: Nothing. And now get to work, bosun, or do I have to force you?
Popsy: Lazy bum!
Roger: Exactly, Popsy hit it right on the head.
Narrator: Past the dangerous Black Reef and the island Skull the journey goes to La Sceletta. This island is a lot smaller than the Pirate Island, but it is still not easy to find the place where William Gordon Frederic Cavendish has hidden something. Captain Roger comes along with Will on the search for the secret. They don’t know that in the meanwhile not just captain Foul with the Barracuda, but also governor Broadside with the Cannonball are on route to La Sceletta.
Will: We are on the right way. See, there is an epsilon drawn on the map, and the rock over there looks just like it.
Roger: So let’s go on. Where to now?
Will: Hmm, we are getting close, very close. Just along this cliff wall to the star, then we’ll be there.
Roger: What star?
Will: We’ll see in a moment. Can you keep going, or should we take a break?
Roger: A break when gold is on the line? Have you lost your mind? Go on! We can still take a break when we have found the gold.
Will: There’s the star, you see? A big spot of sand, it looks like a star. Nothing grows there, absolutely nothing.
Roger: So we have that too. Hah, where is the treasure? Where do we have to go?
Will: If I read the signs correctly, 12 steps to the north, and today it’s August 15th. Maybe we’ll then know what the lit shadow is supposed to mean.
Roger: I hope so, or it will all have been for nothing.
Will: So 12 steps, 1…
Roger: Yes.
Will: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…
Roger and Will: 10, 11, 12.
Roger: Ah, nothing is here, just a few bushes, a cliff face to the left, there is sand and rubble, otherwise nothing.
Will: Don’t give up, it must be here somewhere. Today is August 15th, how late is it?
Roger: Just a moment, it’ll be 5 soon. But I see no lit shadow.
Will: Yes, me neither. But there must be… What could my father have meant? Think about it, captain.
Roger: I’ll leave the thinking to you. I’m tired, oh, and my peg leg itches.
Will: Lit shadow…weird. Wait a minute, what’s that?
Roger: What do you mean?
Will: Take a look at the cliff over there, the sun is shining through the hole, and the valley is in the shadow, there is only a light spot there.
Roger: Yes, there. But not here, where we supposedly should be looking. I want to tell you something, bosun, this map is a fraud. Someone wanted to have a laugh at our expense.
Will: No, no, no, wait. Look, the light spot wanders, slowly, it moves with the sun. What time is it.
Roger: Soon 5.
Will: I have to know exactly.
Roger: Exactly? How? Do you think that there is a clock that is accurate to the minute? Something like that has yet to be invented.
Will: You are right. We have to mark the path that the light spot takes. Come on, we’ll put little sticks into the ground.
Roger: I don’t follow.
Will: But it is so simple. As a sailor you know that the sun on the 15th of August shines through that hole in the cliff at a very specific angle.
Roger: Right.
Will: And oh the 15th August at 5 a clock the light beam falls on a very specific spot.
Roger: Yes, yes of course. Oh, I’m such a fool. You are right, we have to dig.
Popsy: Fool!
Roger: But the light beam isn’t hitting the ground, but falls on the cliff wall.
Popsy: Captain bonehead!
Will: Yes, you are right. And the cliff wall is completely smooth.
Roger: So it is all nonsense. Or do you think that your father has buried something behind the cliff wall? Augch!
Narrator: Disappointed captain Roger kicks the cliff wall with his peg leg, and then it happens. The cliff wall collapses and gives free a view into a cave. Barely two steps away from Will and captain Roger stands a wooden chest.
Will: There it is! Captain, we made it! We have found it!
Roger: Yes hurry, hurry, open it. I want to see how much gold is in the chest.
Will: There is only a simple bar on it.
Roger: Good, and now open the lid.
Will: No gold, captain.
Roger: Just a couple of boxes and papers. What is this nonsense?
Will: Let me see the papers.
Roger: Sure, why not.
Will: They are from my father. Here’s a long letter from him. But what is this? It’s…
Roger: What?
Will: You are disappointed, am I right? Not me. Take a look at this captain, this is evidence that clearly shows that my father was innocent. He didn’t commit the crimes that he was accused of.
Roger: So?
Will: He has gathered all the evidence here, look!
Roger: What is this?
Will: Oh my god. Here it stands, captain foul was the perpetrator. He should have been executed instead of my father.
Roger: Yes, that’s how it must have been.
Will: Is that all you have to say? Talk, captain Roger! What do you know about my parents?
Roger: Not much, lad, let it rest.
Will: No, I finally want to know the truth.
Roger: Oh well, these papers tell you something after all.
Will: What happened to my mother?
Roger: She died from natural causes, one year before your father died. When you read these letters you will know that your father left you the Barracuda.
Will: The Barracuda? But that is Foul’s ship.
Roger: It is your inheritance. Foul betrayed your father in more than one way. He not only caused his demise, he also stole your inheritance.
Will: And you knew that all the years I have been with you? And you never told me anything? Why not?
Roger: Because I know that you couldn’t win a battle against Foul.
Will: We’ll find out. Foul will pay for this.
Roger: Oh, that’s what I feared.
Will: Please leave me alone. I have to think. Go to the ship, I’ll come later. And take the boxes with you.
Roger: Very well, as you wish.
Narrator: Will is disturbed and full of rage against captain Foul. Now he knows that the gloomy pirates has his father on his conscious and has stolen his inheritance. He reads through all the papers. If his father had just succeeded at presenting the evidence to the governor Broadside, then he could still have been alive today. But Will is certain that the governor had no interest in the evidence. As a retribution for the crime he punished the first person he could get a hold of with a death sentence.
Foul: Just as I expected.
Will: Captain Foul!
(Foul tries to shoot Will.) 
Foul: You were lucky, the bullets missed you, but it’s of no use to you. Then I’ll just have to tickle you with the knife.
Will: A one sided fight, Foul, just like against my father, but you know that already. Everything is documented in these papers; I will present them to the governor.
Foul: You won’t get that far Will, you won’t get off this island alive.
Will: Why did Culverin break in to the governor’s palace? It was him, eh? Admit it!
Foul: It was him. While making repairs on the Barracuda we found hints towards the map. It was clear to us that the governor had it. That’s why I sent Culverin; he should get it from Fort Rasselsword.
Will: But he was too incompetent, he ruined everything.
Foul: It doesn’t matter, because I’m here. I’ll take all the evidence from you and burn it.
Will: No you don’t.
(It can be heard how Will and Foul are fighting.) 
Narrator: Will fights like a lion, and then he finally makes the finishing blow. He hits Foul on the head and the gloomy pirate collapses unconscious on the ground. But Will has barely won the fight as soon the next enemies approach, Governor Broadside, Lt. De Martine and two soldiers.
Broadside: There he is, grab him! Shoot him! Hang him! Feed him to the sharks!
Will: The governor!
Broadside: Get him! Bring him back here!
Narrator: Will runs for his life, and he is much faster than the soldiers. He is able to get away, but he doesn’t hide. As he is sure that the soldiers are looking for him on a different part of the island he returns. Surprised he sees that governor Broadside and the lieutenant lie unconscious of the ground, next to them a fire burns.
Will: Governor, Lieutenant, what happened?
Broadside: Ouh oh, what happened?
Will: You honor has a big bruise on the head, and so does the lieutenant.
De Martinet: We went down after a heroic battle.
Will: And Foul is gone. He has, oh no, he has burned all the papers. He has destroyed the evidence.
Broadside: What did he do? Oh uh ouh, my head.
De Martinet: Mine too.
Broadside: Camilla! Prudence! Oh, I need ice, a cold compression for my poor head. Where are you? Why don’t you help me?
Will: Be quiet, Broadside.
Broadside: How is it you are talking to me? I’m the governor!
Will: And I’m the son of William Gordon Frederic Cavendish, who you murdered.
Broadside: Me? Murdered? But… that’s outrageous! Very well, I read the papers, Cavendish was innocent, I know that now, but things like that happen. We will get angry about that, will we?
Will: Be quiet, or I’ll treat you like you treated my father.
De Martinet: Oh my…
Broadside: B-b-b-but I’m the governor.
De Martinet: Exactly.
Broadside: Lieutenant, do something! Defend my life!
De Martinet: Yes. Ah, my head.
Will: If Foul was able to take you two out it will be a piece of cake for me. So better be friendly.
De Martinet: He is right.
Broadside: What, what do you want of me?
Will: I want that you finally tell the public the truth! Captain Foul is the villain; he did what my father was executed for.
Broadside: Yes yes yes, I know that now.
Will: You will proclaim it in all of Port Royal. The whole world shall know of the wrong that happened to my father. And that captain Foul should have been hanged instead of him.
Broadside: So it shall be.
Will: Don’t think that you can fool me. If you don’t declare it I will take terrible vengeance upon you. Even worse than on captain Foul.
Broadside: Vengeance?
Will: Yes, Foul will pay for what he has done. I will take the Barracuda away from him and deliver him to his rightful punishment. And you…
Broadside: I will do anything you want. Anything, you can believe that. I’ll even help you in your vengeance against Foul.
Will: It’s enough for me that you call your soldiers off. You read the papers, that Foul burned them is not important any more. And I’ll leave now.
Broadside: Yes yes, that would be best for you.
Will: And don’t even think of sending anyone after me that would end badly for you.
Narrator: The world is taken of governor Broadside’s and Lt. De Martinet’s shoulders as Will runs off. They have rarely been as terrified as they have been in the last few minutes. Foremost the governor has a bad conscience. He knows very well that it can’t be forgiven how he treated Will’s father, but now everyone will know that William Gordon Frederic Cavendish was innocent.
One hour later the bosun is on the Dark Shark. Captain Roger is in the best of moods, he lets the sails set and sails out to sea, the Pirate Island is not far away.
Pirates: Heave ho, heave ho…
Roger: This was a great day for us, Will. Now you finally know who you are, and who your parents were.
Will: Yes, you are right, captain. Now I just have to wait for governor broadside to publicly declare my father innocent.
Roger: And you think he will really do that?
Will: Absolutely sure. But what is up with you captain, you’re so jolly.
Roger: Yes, I am.
Popsy: Crook.
Will: What are you saying Popsy?
Popsy: Again.
Will: You call the captain a crook?
Popsy: Gold! Pearls! Pirates! Ahahahaha.
Will: Did you understand the parrot, captain? I didn’t.
Roger: Sure you did. You can’t fool me, bosun. So ask already.
Will: Ha ha ha, wery well. What was in the boxes that my father left me, eh?
Roger: Pearls, wonderful, big, shiny pearls. Is that something? A handful of valuable pearls.
Will: Hmm, you can keep them.
Roger: What?
Will: It’s a gift for you.
Roger: Are you insane? It’s a fortune.
Will: They belong to you.
Roger: But wh-wh-wh-why?
Polly: Fool! Bonehead!
Will: That’s my way of thanking you for your help. I would never have made it without you. I hope you have told me everything about my parents.
Roger: About your parents, well, I guess I have. But there is something else, but I will tell you that later.
Will: What is it? Does it concern my parents?
Roger: No, no, not them. But more about that later. Now we have all sorts of reason to celebrate. Rummy, did you hear that?
Rummy: Ay ay, captain.
Pirates: Did you hear that? The captain wants to buy a round.
Rummy: Did you say something about a barrel of rum, captain?
Roger: Well, did I do that, Rummy? Well, this is not about exact words. When we are back in the pirate village we will celebrate.
Rummy: At Bessie’s?
Roger: If Bessie has gotten her tavern back into shape, then we’ll celebrate there. A whole day and a whole night long. And all on my bill, I’m inviting all of you.
Rummy: Captain, that’s a promise.
Roger: Tell the crew. Come on Rummy, everyone has to know!
(The pirates are cheering) 
 The end!

Pirates (5)

The Secret of La Sceletta


Capt'n Roger - Wolfgan Völz

Bosun Willy - Sascha Draeger

Helmsman Rumpott - Harald Eggers

Bessie - Renate Pichler

Governor Broadside - Rudolf Weber-Lange

Lieutenant de Martinez - Michael Harck

Camilla - Kerstin Draeger

Capt'n Baddog - Jürgen Thormann

Polly the Parrot - Beate Hasenau

1st Mate Dumbo and Speedy, the monkey - Manfred Erler

Narrator - Rainer Schmitt


Author: H. G. Francis

Director: Heikedine Körting

Music: EUROPA Recording Studio

Editing: Hedda Kehrhahn

Sound: Roland Michel

A EUROPA Recording Studio production

Case Art: Dr. Beurmann