Timebuster Time Twister Pages Translation

translated using deepl, then cleaned, by me

translator's note: we now know the monkey's name in english is Ingo, and in french it is Kikol. I have used the german name, Ali, for consistency with my other translations.

Jan/Feb Page 1

Caption: Tim Timebuster found himself trapped by accident in the incredible Flybo. Since then, he has been traveling through space and time. In the last story, he landed in the wild west where he helped capture three terrible bandits. There he made a new friend, a monkey as cute as he is unbearable. Now they are off to new adventures.

Monkey: Aaaaaa-li! Aaaaaa-li! Aaaaaa-li!

Tim: Hold still, you rascal!

Tim: Hmmm... Ali... That's not bad! From now on, I'll call you Ali!

Ali: Aaaa

Tim: Oh no! What the...

Tim: Are you crazy? You smashed the dashboard!

Tim: Hey! What's that?

Tim: Wow! Unbelievable! A flying train!

Ali: Waow!

Jan/Feb Page 2

Ghost: Look at that! A kid. Ha ha ha!

Skeleton: With a monkey. Aren't they cute? Ha ha!

Tim (thinking): They don't look too cute!

Tim: Ahem... Who are you?

Ghost and Skeleton: Hee hee! Ha ha! We're the crazy, mega-crazy, totally wild Timecruisers!

Skeleton: Whadda ya think? We shoot him, or... Hey! What if we try the xylogif gun on him?

Ghost: Yeah! Yeah!

Tim: What? But.... no... no...

Skeleton: Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!

Ali: Hee hee!

Tim: It's not funny, Ali!

Ali: Hoohoo!

Jan/Feb Page 3

Tim: Change me back to my old self immediately!

Skeleton: Ha ha ha!

Ghost: Oh no! The boss is coming!

Skeleton: What? The boss!

Boss: Hey! Nice boat!

Tim: Forget it, mister. It's not for sale.

Ali: Blaaa! Blaaa!

Tim: Hey! Stop it!

Tim: Enough, Ali! We're in enough trouble as it is!

Boss: What! You dare to make fun of me!

Boss: You'll regret it... Set the xylogif cannon to maximum power!

Tim: No... wait...

Skeleton: Sure thing, boss. Ha ha! Hee hee!

Tim: Gasp! I'm done for.

Ghost: Hee hee!

Jan/Feb Page 4

Tim: Oh hell!

Tim: ??! What? My Flybo has been turned into... a prison!

Ali: Ook!

Boss: That's right, kids! An inescapable prison. No company, no way out. You're locked up forever!

Skeleton: Forever! Hee hee!

Ghost: Ha ha! You'll rot in there...

Tim: Forever?

Tim: Gasp! This is it...

Caption: Prisoner forever in his Flybo-jail, turned into a hairy animal, is there any chance for Tim to get out? You'll find out in the next issue of Lego Klick!

Mar/Apr Page 1

Caption: Somewhere in time and space, Tim and his monkey Ali have met some terrible bandits. Tim was hit by the ray of their xzylogif gun. He has been changed into a hairy animal and the Flybo has been transformed into a prison with no way out...

Boss: Ha ha! Come on, now, let's go. Let's leave these guys locked up here forever.

Ghost: Yeah... Hee hee hee!

Caption: But Ali's cell wasn't that secure...

Ali: Aali!

Tim: Ali, you're free!

Boss: What?!! The monkey escaped!

Tim: Ali, what are you doing? This is no time for games...

Ali: Mmmm!

Tim: Oh! I get it! He's building a turbo skateboard... That's fantastic!

Boss: Shoot it! Hurry up! Shoot the monkey!

Ali: Wooo!

Mar/Apr Page 2

Ghost: Monstrous monkey! You've gotta hit it!

Skeleton: It's really not easy to aim. It keeps moving!

Ghost: Uh oh!... I think our beautiful prison is ruined! Hmm...

Tim: My Flybo is just like it used to be!

Tim: And I'm myself again!

Tim: Nice work, Ali...

Boss: No! Unacceptable! Blast them with the mega-ray! And this time...


Ha ha ha! We've managed to escape! Off to new worlds...

Boss: Revenge... oink! REVENGE!