pirate video transcript

This is a stop-motion animation made with the lego pirate toys and figures. It opens on a jolly roger flag with the words "The Pirates" floating over it in red.

Next, we see a pirate in tattered red clothes, shovelling dirt into a barrel next to a jail cell.

Pirate: I'm Will! The Pirates' bo'sun. The story started early one morning, when we were preparing to leave the Pirates' Nest.

Several shots of pirates moving cargo around the island, loading it onto a big pirate ship. Captain Roger, in his black suit, peg, leg, hook hand and red beard, oversees the action.

Will: Our ship, Dark Shark, was well-trimmed and ready for battle. Captain Roger had laid hands on a very promising treasure map!

The ship sets sail, floating out into the open ocean. Will is on board. He grabs the mischievous Spinoza the monkey and stuffs him into a hatch.

Will: Our first mate caught sight of Governor Broadside's galleon, the Sea Hawk!

We see the Sea Hawk approaching through the spyglass of first mate Rummy.

Will: This was serious. Broadside wouldn't let us get away.

The two ships begin firing cannons at one another.

Will: The fighting was as vicious as it was short! But then, the most terrible thing happened: Spinoza jumped aboard Sea Hawk with the map!

Spinoza leaps from the top of the rigging from one ship to the other, as Will uselessly clamors after him. We next see that Broadside has taken the map from the monkey and is sailing away.

Will: Captain Roger was so angry with me for losing the map, that he cast me adrift on a raft! Meanwhile, he tried to recover the map by entering the governor's fort.

Night. Dark Shark sails up to Fort Sabre. Captain Roger sneaks in, trying to make it past a sleeping guard. He trips and makes a loud sound, waking the guard.

Will: of course, Captain Roger got caught, and was thrown into the dungeons.

Day. A guard blows a trumpet from the top of the fort.

Will: The following morning, Captain Roger was sentenced to walk the plank.

Sea Hawk sets sail, with Roger tied to its mast. A shark swims about the water and ominously opens its jaws towards the screen.

Will: Meanwhile, I had drifted ashore on a volcanic island.

Will walks out of the jungle to see Sea Hawk in the bay, with Roger about to walk the plank.

Will: Once Captain Roger had walked the plank, the Governor and his men hurried ashore... little realizing that I had rescued Roger with my raft! They dug up the treasure, never realizing that Roger and I had stealthily followed them.

Under an ominous red light, the soldiers pick greedily at the treasure in the chest, while Will and Roger watch from behind a palm tree.

Will: Just then, the volcano erupted! Terrified, the governor's men ran like frightened rabbits!

The soldiers drop the treasure and flee, jumping right into the ocean.

Will: But naturally, Captain Roger and I, being braver, didn't leave the island empty-handed.

As the volcano erupts, Will and Roger grab the treasure and run. They make it safely to the raft.

Will: So here we are, with the treasure, and nowhere to spend it. It might as well be toy money!

We see the boxes for the Pirates' Nest and Dark Shark play sets.