Image. Lego crocodile. If your screen reader has trouble proceeding past this image, try pressing the right arrow key before continuing.welcome to emily's legorealmImage. Another Lego crocodile.

Here's where I post the lego things i work on.....

Image of Planet Slizer. Click to view the Planet Slizer page.

planet slizer

Image: An infected Bionicle mask. Click to open the 2001 recreation in a new tab. 2001 recreation

Image: Lego Mania Magazine logo. Click to view the magazine scans page.

lego mag scans

Image: Cartoon drawing of the devillish Captain Roger. He has a black bicorn hat, an eyepatch, and a bright red beard. Click to view the Lego Pirates page.

lego pirates

Image: A red and white vortex with three Lego heads spinning in it. Click to view the Time Cruisers comic page.

timebuster comic

Image: Black and white inked art of a Lego crow. Click to view the English Jim Spaceborn 3 page.

Panic On Board in english

A speeding lego wheel.

racers soundboard

Image: A nearly hidden, mysterious heart.

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Image. Animated banner ad for Rock Yacht. Click to visit the Rock Yacht site in a new tab. Description of ad: The Rock Yacht logo dances in. It is a rectangle with frayed edges. The words 'Rock Yacht' hang over minimalistic art of a yacht with palm trees sprouting from its back. After a moment, the logo shifts to the left edge of the banner. Sloagan text enters, animated in like it is surfing on waves. The text reads: 'You bring the rock, we'll bring the yacht!' After a few seconds, the animation loops.

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